Terms and Conditions

Thank you for allowing Aldine Travel, Inc. to help you with your travel needs.

The following information relates to your trip.

1. Proof of Citizenship: A government issued photo ID is required for all travel. Visas and/or tourist cards may also be required. Please be certain that you have these and all necessary travel documents available to show. They should not be in your suitcase.

2. Travel insurance, such as cancelation, accident, bankruptcy, health, and baggage insurance is available at our office and strongly recommended.

3. Please reconfirm your flight prior to departure and check-in time as that may vary by airport and airline. Please note that all times shown are local time as observed in each city. Baggage policies vary by airline, destination, frequent flyer status, booking class, and weight. Fees may apply.

4. Special Fares: Your ticket may be based on a special fare involving travel restrictions. When booking or changing reservations, advise the airline or travel agent to insure compliance with appropriate restrictions. Your failure to do so may result in an increased fare.

5. Important! If you arrive at an airline ticket or passenger counter with your confirmed ticket and find that the airline shows no reservations for you - do not leave the counter. PLEASE ASK TO SPEAK TO A SUPERVISOR.

6. Caution: Tickets may have value if unused. Please return for credit or refund, if applicable.

Terms and Conditions of This Purchase

1. DISCLAIMER: Aldine Travel Inc. is a disclosed agent dealing on the customer's behalf with disclosed airlines, other carriers, hotels, car rental companies, and other service companies. Each of these companies is an independent principal. Customer's contracts are with these disclosed principals. Aldine Travel Inc. is not responsible for acts of negligence, omission or breach of contract by these companies or others.


a. CHARGES FOR CHANGES: After an itinerary is accepted all changes, (partial or complete) will involve service charges to the traveler. Communications expenses, where required to effect the changes, are also charged to the traveler. When arrangements are modified in any way by the traveler with our representative abroad, or in the United States, we cannot be responsible for agreements and/or contracts entered into by the traveler directly with them. These conditions also apply to independent travel arrangements (FIT's).

b. INDEPENDENT HOTEL RESERVATIONS: In the event of cancellation of Independent Hotel Reservations, there is a charge of $10.00 per hotel plus any and all costs and penalties incurred on your behalf. There will be a charge for each non-commissionable hotel booked at travelers direction.


3. ALDINE TRAVEL INC. neither guarantees nor insures the service to be provided by any carrier and shall assume no responsibility to liability for actions beyond its own control in connection with the service to be provided. ALDINE TRAVEL INC. is not responsible or liable for any act, error, omission, injury, loss, accident, delay, nonperformance, or any other irregularity, or any consequences resulting therefrom, which may be occasioned through the neglect, default, or any other action of the company, carrier, or person engaged in carrying out the purpose for which travel has been arranged.

4. ALDINE TRAVEL INC. is not responsible for the cancellation of any service or refunds from the vendors that may cease operations.

5. ALDINE TRAVEL INC. shall not be liable for any fluctuation in price for or schedule of transportation occurring subsequent to the purchase of the tickets and/or tours and/or cruises.

6. In the event that an automated system is used in connection with air transportation arrangements. ALDINE TRAVEL INC. disclaims all liability for reservation, fare, or flight misinformation resulting from computer error.

7. ALDINE TRAVEL INC. reserves the right to assess a fee for its services for up to 10% on canceled or changed travel and/or travel related arrangements.

8. COVID is widespread and a risk assumed while traveling. Contracting COVID during your trip is a foreseeable event.


1. If a Vendor declares bankruptcy, it is not obligated to provide service or refund tickets issued prior to the bankruptcy.

2. Travel agents are not allowed to refund tickets on airlines which have declared bankruptcy. Money given to a travel agent immediately becomes the property of the airlines, and we are required by law to comply with the airlines orders.

3. If an airline, cruise ship, or other vendor declares bankruptcy, it might continue service, limit service, or stop completely. Other companies might accept passengers under limited circumstances or may refuse to accept any passengers from the defaulted carrier.