About Aldine

A Family-Owned Travel Agency, Est. 1958

Aldine's Travel Agents: Specialists in the Art of Luxury Travel

Aldine Travel is a family-owned luxury travel agency and has been in business in St. Louis since 1958, creating great memories and experiences for our clients. We believe that travel is a lifetime activity and the planning should reflect this philosophy.

Call us today at 314-994-7878, email info@aldinetravel.com, or swing by our office at 8860 Ladue Road, and let us help you script your next luxury travel journey!

There are 23 travel advisors in our Ladue office, each of them with a passion for what they do. Our travel agents' backgrounds give them incredible knowledge about the intricacies of travel, from relaxing cruises, to beach getaways, to adventure hiking and biking tours. They're deeply familiar with many of the world's lesser-known destinations, and have the ability to offer exclusive tours through our partnership with the Virtuoso luxury travel network.

We also specialize in business and corporate travel planning, and can help book large group travel, including private jet travel & chartered planes.